3 Conventional Treatments For Heartburn

If you’re thinking of using medicines to treat heartburn, here are the 3 options.

  1. Antacids such as Mylanta, Eno, Quick Eze and Gaviscon help neutralise stomach acids. They offer quick relief but fail to heal existing oesophageal damage or prevent heartburn from happening again. Their effects don’t last more than an hour.
  2. H2-receptor blockers such as ranitidine and cimetidine reduce the production of stomach acid. They work slower than antacids but you can enjoy more lasting relief from the discomfort of acid reflux. These medicines allow the oesophagus to heal and relieves the symptoms completely.
  3. Proton-pump inhibitors such as omeprazole and lansoprazole suppress block stomach acid production and heal the damaged oesophagus. They are available on prescription only.

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